A Miss Marple Drinking Game

At some point in January I decided that it would be a good use of my time to read every Miss Marple story Agatha Christie ever wrote (I’m so serious about it that I made a Goodreads shelf for what I’m modestly calling 2015: The Year of Miss Marple and yes, bolding the text is mandatory.) Right now I’m finishing up rereading the Miss Marple short story omnibus which means that I can only talk about Miss Jane Marple and nothing else. This will probably have a negative effect on my social life so I’ve put together a game that only needs me, a Miss Marple story (I wrote this with the original stories in mind although this will probably work with the film adaptions as well) and a GnT. I suppose homemade cherry sherry is probably the most appropriate but I think that sounds revolting. You of course can drink whatever you want with this, no need for it to be alcoholic.

The Miss Marple Drinking Game

Drink whenever:

  • Miss Marple is described as “old fashioned” or “Victorian” or “fussy”
  • Actually whenever the term “old fashioned” is used to describe anything
  • A character shows up who used to have a different name (e.g. Raymond’s wife Joyce who becomes Joan)
  • Miss Marple counts her stitches (Next Level: Drink for every stitch she counts)
  • Someone “indulges” Miss Marple
  • Miss Marple gets embarrassed because of sex or human bodies or other similarly modern things
  • Someone is known almost exclusively by their nickname
  • “It wasn’t X it was Y in a hat and a wig and a dress and fake glasses and a mustache!”
  • There’s a stage or film actress who men are drawn to
  • A retired military man with a mustache coughs
  • A character wonders if Miss Marple has finally gone dotty the poor old dear
  • A vicar mumbles something into his beard and/or soup
  • A reference is made about Miss Marple’s age
  • There’s a twinkle in Miss Marple’s eye
  • Something racist and/or sexist makes you cringe
  • The local constable is a plodding country man with a good heart and strong accent
  • Miss Marple says something that makes you go “awwwwww”
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1 Response to A Miss Marple Drinking Game

  1. Hmm. I own a complete Christie collection, but it’s been a few years since I reread any. It might be time …

    xx Dee

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