Clickbait Headlines from Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf Roger Fry 1917

Portrait of Virginia Woolf by Roger Fry [public domain, c. 1917]

13 Photographs of Hedges That Will Inexplicably Invoke Memories of a Woman Who You Loved but Never Kissed!

You Haven’t Lived until You’ve Experienced THIS Sense of Twisting Despair!

I Asked Ten Men What They Thought of Women Writers and You Won’t Be Surprised by What They Thought!

6 Tweets that Prove the World Is Even Worse than You Thought!

The ONE Thing That Women Need to Write!

15 Drinks to Hold at Parties While You Stare off in Quiet Despair at the Futility of it All!

What this Upper Middle Class Housewife Is Really Thinking Will Scandalize You!

George Charles Beresford [public domain, 1901]

George Charles Beresford [public domain, 1901]

Think That Anonymous Is Usually a Man? This Video Says Otherwise!

The One Pair of Shoes That All Women Need to Really Communicate the Dangerous Darkness We Live In!

Can You Name All the Different Types of Failed Relationships in this Photo?

Happy? Here’s 130 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be!

Wild Silent Falling Suffocating Depression Told By Full House GIFs!

This Vine of a Baby Eating Soup Will Do Little to Alleviate Your Thunderous Impounding Sense of Doom!

[public domain, c. 1927]

[public domain, c. 1927]

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