Music to Bake to

The world has darkness and fear and at times it feels as though this darkness and fear is overwhelming. It can grab at us and pull us down, convincing us that there’s nothing we can do. Personally I’ve grown up with a lovely complex that makes me think that I have to fix every wrong in this world single-handedly and while I’ve started to admit to myself that I can’t actually fix every wrong in this world single-handedly I still get that itch whenever another injustice shows up in my life. I’ve found that one of the few things I can do during these restless moments is bake. I can’t end trans violence, racism, anti-semitism, misogyny, colonialism or any other darkness in this world but what I can do is bring forth miracles from flour, eggs, milk and sugars.

Normally I keep NPR (VPR specifically) on from waking until sleeping but when I bake to fight darkness I tend to blast music. When I bake I want my music to have a swing to it, to make my hips move, to inspire me to actually sing out loud and carry me out of darkness for the time it takes me to put together a loaf of bread. I can’t share my baked goods with everyone out there but I can share this, a playlist of some of my favorite baking tunes (click the image or the link beneath it.)

Now I’m going to go put together a pumpkin cream scone recipe. Take care of yourself, everyone.

Music to Bake toMusic to Bake to (53 minutes, 15 tracks)

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