Vintage Posters That Are Probably Actually about Sex and Kink

If you don’t follow me on Pinterest then you probably aren’t aware of my deep love for WWI and WWII government propaganda posters. Ever since I got a “Keep Calm and Carry On” notebook for Christmas 2008 (estimated year) I’ve wasted more time than I should admit to on trying to look at every single fucking poster ever produced. A while ago I noticed that a lot of these posters have really great sexual (probably accidental) double entendres which satisfy my desire for easy sex humor. I’ve yet to see every single fucking poster produced by the WWI/II governments (When I do accomplish this goal I will be listing it as an achievement for every job application I fill out.) but I can say that I’ve put together a nice collection of vintage posters that all you sex/kink interested people will want for your walls.

United States

Tell me this isn’t from a San Fran leather club

“Marks the spot! Keep `em firing!” ca. 1942 – ca. 1943 United States

Swastikas look a lot like assholes, how did I never notice that before?

“Keep him goose-stepping! Let’s go, everybody! Keep `em firing!” 1942-1943 United States

 m/m d/s

“Silence” McClelland Barclay 1940-1943 United States

I’m convinced that this is the cover of a dom/sub book cover

United Kingdom

Some good old fashioned femdom work

“I should have gone to the pro station” 1941-1945 United States

Male humiliation is my non-sexual kink let’s be honest

“Do it Right, Make it Bite” 1941-1945 United States

Oh come on this is totally made by a sub who likes being flogged

1939-45 Canada

Bossy tops telling bottoms where to lick across the ocean

Nichol (National War Services) 1941-1942 Canada

Biting/Pet play?/Beaver puns?

All work is in the public domain (to the best of knowledge). Click image for source site.

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