So You’re Thinking About Anal-Eaze (Help from an Unlicensed and Self-Appointed Reference Librarian)

If you’re thinking about trying anal sex for the first time or have tried it before and found it uncomfortable or painful then you might be looking into Anal-Eaze or any of the other creams meant to dull pain during anal penetration. Obviously no one can make that decision for you but I’m here to help dig up the information you might need to make an informed decision.

anal ease google screenshot 07-10-2014

(My own screenshot from 7.10.2014)

Technically “Anal Eaze” is just one of the many creams (Sometimes it’ll be marketed as a lube or grouped in with lubes and to be honest I’m still trying to figure out if it’s supposed to be used with a lube or as a lube. It appears to vary by product so I recommend reading the packaging very carefully when making a decision. One very real fact about anal sex is that you simply can never have enough lube.) designed to numb you while being penetrated during anal sex. While Anal Eaze (or Ease) is one of the more popular, or at least talked about, brands out there you’ll also hear people talking about Tushy Tamer and Booty Blaster and Comfortably Numb and others. These creams are usually applied to the opening of the anus to numb up the muscles which stops them from clenching up, allowing for easy access. Usually the ingredient that does the numbing is Benzocaine but you might come across some that use Lidocaine.

Let’s start with a quick survey of some sex blogs that I trust (I’ve put asterisks next to the blogs I’m particularly passionate about):

You’ll notice that all these posts come to the same conclusion and I want to make sure that you know that I really did look for reputable sources that disagreed but honestly I couldn’t find any. Basically the consensus seems to be that numbing creams/lubes are just a generally bad idea. Pain is our body’s way of telling us that something isn’t right and often is a warning to stop before something really goes wrong. Most of the posts I linked to offer great tips on how to deal with pain by, you know, treating the cause of pain and not fucking ignoring it.

Let’s say that you want to go forward with trying Anal Eaze. Reviews seem to be fairly consistent with the major variation between products being the use of Benzocaine or Lidocaine. LubeZilla’s blog Lube 101 has a good post that puts together answers for all the questions you might have about Benzocaine versus Lidocaine: allergies, effectiveness, what they are, etc.

You, like this Yahoo Ask user who got some solid advice, might be concerned that a numbing lube used on your ass will transfer to your penetrating partner (of course this is really a concern only if you’re being penetrated by someone’s organic body part.) There doesn’t seem to be much “scholarly” work done on this but Alice was asked about numbing creams used to maintain an erection and if penis numbing creams can rub off then it makes sense that there’s a risk if you’re being penetrated without a condom or other barrier.

Now take this information and go forth into the world and make the decisions that are good for you! Take care of yourself! Learn new things! Make informed choices!

Have a topic or question that you think deserves a post? Email me at constance.zaber[at] and make sure to mention that you’d like it to be an US-ARL post. If you ask a question I will respect your privacy by keeping you anonymous unless otherwise requested.

I am not offering any medical advice but am instead offering assistance in personal research. This assistance is informed by my own experience, research and common sense. If you have any concerns about information in this post please comment below or email me at constance.zaber[at]

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