January #SaferHumpDay: Internal Condoms

Welcome to the first monthly round of #SaferHumpDay, a weekly conversation on topics around safer sex hosted on my Facebook page and on Twitter. Obviously we’ve only had one Wednesday since I launched this blog so this post is going to a bit shorter than the upcoming months. Yesterday we talked (Alright, talked but I hope that this can become more of a conversation) about internal condoms (you might now them as the “female” condom)-

I decided to give yesterday a theme after reading Oh Joy, Sex Toy’s review (NSFW posts, this blog primarily reviews sex toys). Internal condoms were never a major part of my school’s sex ed and I’m not sure I even heard anything else about them until I got into college which has made them into this fascinating, mysterious element of safer sex for me. Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan’s comic reminded me that I really want to know more about other people’s relationship to this little-discussed barrier. If you want to talk about how you were introduced to them or if you’ve used them or had experiences with them or if you first met them as “female” or internal leave a comment below (or feel free to e-mail me if you don’t want to leave a public comment.)

Ultimately I posted two other links to pieces about internal condoms:

  • The Queen’s Journal’s Expert Sexpert wrote a comprehensive introduction that ends with three benefits that internals have over externals. There’s also a link to a two page PDF guide on inserting “female” (ugh) condoms anally.
  • For those of us with a bit more time on our hands or a craze for safer sex talk the Health Services over at Brown College created a very thorough piece. There’s talk about pros and cons, insertion, links, stats for STI/pregnancy prevention, etc. They also have a link to a PDF on the “female” (seriously, ugh) condom and anal use- a review of literature published before 2002 on using internals anally.

And that’s January’s wrap up. Join us on the 5th for the next #SaferHumpDay (I’m thinking maybe a lube theme? Let me know what you think.)

I am not a licensed or trained medical professional, rather someone with a strong interest in safer sex topics and the ability to enjoy boring research. Please check with your own medical provider if you have questions or concerns about sexual health.

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